Mobile and Wearable Device Testing

Testing mobile and wearable devices requires a specialized approach. A simple market research room won't do. From the varying sizes of mobile devices to the need for placement on different parts of the body for wearables, flexibility in testing is key. At IdeaSuite, we have the technology and expertise to make your device testing a success.

High Definition

In the past, mobile and wearable testing required modifying bulky document cameras or webcams for use with device testing. The camera(s) became a major distraction to the user as they were often in their direct field of view.  At IdeaSuite, we use broadcast-quality HD video cameras - not web or document cameras - for viewing both users and devices. Our overhead camera has an expanded zoom range to allow us to easily fill the frame with a watch face, all from an unobtrusive distance.

Stream It

Because our entire facility runs on HD video, we can easily stream your sessions to allow remote viewers to view as well. There's no advanced notice or special equipment required. We can stream any time you need it, at a moment's notice.

You're Not On Your Own

In the days leading up to your session, we'll work with you to plan your study and determine the best technology to capture your data. When you arrive, we'll configure the room, position cameras and ensure that your devices are connected to one of our high-bandwidth networks. Technical support is always available throughout your session.

Call us at 855-322-0992 to discuss your mobile and wearables device testing needs.