Take A Tour Of Our Portland Facility:

An Inspiring Space in a Great Location

Portland is all about its neighborhoods, and IdeaSuite is located in one of its most unique: Sellwood/Westmoreland. We're easy to get to from downtown or the airport. And when you're not researching, you can experience Portland's food carts, restaurants and local shops.

What's more important, though, is our space. We carefully designed it so both you and your participants feel comfortable and relaxed. Rather than have a 1-way mirror that can feel intimidating to participants - and keep you sitting in the dark - our separate observation room uses 70" HD monitors to provide a more intimate view...with the lights on.

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Flexible...to Meet Your Needs

Our main research space can be configured for whatever your need, from boardroom style to living room or classroom. The space measures 16' by 20' and can accommodate 12 participants boardroom style,  7 living room style and up to 30 classroom style. It also features a full sliding glass wall which can be retracted to accommodate even larger groups.

Research Room Features:

  • Configurable in boardroom, living room, 1:1 usability testing or other arrangements as needed
  • 50" 4K video monitor
  • Stereo audio and HD video room monitoring
  • Live HD video streaming available
  • Morae usability PCs available
  • Dual 802.11ac high-bandwidth wireless networks
  • Analog conference line
  • Full write-on wall
  • Dual doors opening to outside balcony

Observation Room Features:

  • Desks for 8 observers, with additional overflow seating
  • Aeron chairs for maximum support and comfort
  • Two 70" HD monitors for viewing
  • Stereo audio and HD video room monitoring
  • Dual 802.11ac high-bandwidth wireless networks
  • Flip charts for sharing notes and ideas
  • Adjacent, private lounge

In addition, we providE:

  • On-site technical support
  • Printers and copy services
  • Unmatched hospitality